GeriCall Case Study How animation helped GeriCall communicate their services and grow their business

Video for doctors, explaining what working at GeriCall would mean (in Dutch)
Video for GPs (in Dutch)

The Mission

GeriCall is a medical company working in geriatric care. The bread and butter of the company is helping care-homes have 24/7 coverage, by having doctors on call.

They offer other services, but these were being eclipsed by the success of the main branch. When people thought of GeriCall they only thought of care-homes.

GeriCall wanted to reach out to General Practitioners who are working with patients at home. GeriCall can arrange to have a specialist visit complex geriatric patients at home, but most GPs don’t know this is possible.
It’s a simple concept but it’s a tough idea to bring across clearly. The nuances of how the system works would either get lost or have to be laboriously explained in a boring text heavy video. The videos for GeriCall needed to be comprehensive, communicating a lot of information in an easily digestible way, while maintaining a feeling of lightheartedness and flexibility.

The Outcome

The entire project was in Dutch. A series of animations were crafted, each with a length of around one minute. One video targets GPs, the other targets potential new employees. They’re shown at congresses and online.

The Journey

After an initial brainstorming session I wrote the script, which we then discussed.

The GeriCall logo is friendly and figurative, but up to this point had always remained flat. I brought it to life and made it a character. In hindsight it seems like such a simple and obvious idea. It allows the video to tell a story through it’s design language.

From there I crafted the storyboard and animatic. The animatic shows a barebones structure of the project with basic animation. It makes sure everybody is on the same page. It reveals if the ideas in the script are viable.

With the basic version green-lit I went to work replacing the scenes one by one with high quality versions.

I used a combination of 3D modelling, hand animation and simulations.

The Impact

Since their release there was a significant increase in interest and requests for the service. The videos started spreading by word of mouth, with GPs sending the videos to their peers, giving GeriCall a connection which would have been impossible to cultivate otherwise.

"We are happy with the animations Steven produced for us. We experienced the guidance of the brainstorming phase and the finetuning as very pleasant. The open stance and mindset of Steven during the proces was very relaxed. GeriCall is very happy with the end result. We would recommend Steven because he listens well to the vision of the company, is very involved and communicates proactively."
Jelle Blok, Chief HR GeriCall


  • Copywriting
  • Concept Art
  • Storyboarding
  • Modeling
  • Texturing
  • Animation
  • Simulations
  • Lighting
  • Framing/Cinematography
  • Video Editing

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